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 Congratulations on our win in 2014! Now it's time to prepare for 2016.

I know I have not updated my website with what has been happening lately with both our Nation and our State. I have been sitting back watching, listening, and praying. 

We have so many things we are facing as a Country, the terrorist group of ISIS, the threat of amnesty, our need for energy independence. In 2014, we the people did a great job of sending Conservatives to DC. We personally here in NC have people like Senator Thom Tillis and Congressman Mark Walker fighting for us every day. We have a Republican led General Assembly, a Republican Governor and a Republican LT Governor. NC is more fortunate in our leadership than some States.

2016 is important, not just because it's a Presidential election year, but because here in NC we have the Governor, LT Governor, and all the Council of State positions up for election. We must energize and engage those around us. It is never to early to begin to talk to people about our Republican platform and vision for the future. We must start now if we hope to be the winners again in 2016. NC has once again become a leader for freedom. We need to be looking not only nationally, but to the State and Local levels as well. It is just as important for us to continue being a Republican led State as it is for us as a nation to elect a Republican president. We must focus on our home front and ensure we as a State can withstand any assault from without. We must ensure our beliefs and State Constitution will be defended by those placed in office.

Right now, all I ask is that you take the time to talk to one person a day about our future, engage one person in meaningful conversation whether they agree with you or not. Statics show that for every 5 people you talk to 3 will see the truth.

It's time to set aside our resting and begin the fight again. God bless America and God bless NC.

Heather Grant for  NC
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